Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Confession

Okay.. I have a confession to make to everyone.. I ATE CHIPOTLE last night. I felt very guilty. My stomach was nauseous all day and I didn't feel like cooking anything when I got home. Anyway, I'd promised Deron that we could eat Chipotle every other week, as long as that was the ONLY place we ate out for the entire week. I got a chicken burrito and I know that I need to figure out a healthier choice there ( I don't like the Burrito Bowl). Even though I didn't eat the best dinner yesterday, I still have NOT had any regular soda, since I started my diet. And that means a lot to me. If it means anything, I spent  a lot of the evening suffering from GI issues- UGHHHH.
     Anyways, I have done EXCELLENT today. I drank all my water, went to Jazzercise, and ate well today!! Here's what I had today:

Breakfast- 2 Bananas

Lunch- part of an Apple, a few fat free crackers (not Saltine), and a couple slices of min-turkey sausage (no carb)

Dinner- Once Deron gets home, I'm making EggBeaters for the both of us. Topped with a little cheese and may have 2 slices of bacon (going low carb here)

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  1. Just a quick note about low carb if that is what you are planning to do long term... If you are planning on doing low carb, you need the fat. Like 60% of your diet needs to be fats. I highly suggest the Atkins New Diet Revolution book. It's very good at explaining why this is. I have it if you want to borrow it.

    Anyways, on the Chipotle, that's hard to pass up! :) When Rob and I started LC 2 years ago (2 years this week!) we almost completely stopped going out to eat except on special occasions. At first it's difficult to find quick meals on those days you're tired, but you'll figure it out.

    You're doing great! Way to keep it up :)