Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TS and Pelvic exams.... For Women Only

   Over the past 10 years, I've had several pelvic exams (my last one was yesterday afternoon). For a TS woman this is usually a very interesting and  funny situation. The first time I had one, the tech gets started on the exam and I begin to notice she's taking a llllooonnnggg time. I can tell she's looking and looking and looking for something. Finally, after a good 20 minutes or so, I ask, "Is everything OK". She says, "I can't find your ovaries", to which I replied, "Good luck there, you're not going too either.". I then offered to educate the woman on Turner Syndrome. She continued with, "Just to be sure, I'll be right back". After about 15 minutes, she returns with another tech (one I'm assuming that is over her), who continues the exam and says, "I can't find it either".  After 10 more minutes of the exam and trying to explain to the both of them, they finally ended the exam and I left.
    Needless to say after that experience, I let the tech know first thing before he/she starts the exam. I tell them that I have Turner Syndrome and that they won't see much "in there". The tech's only response to me yesterday was, "Wow, you're right"- lol. 

Just another reason why doctors and others in the medical field need to be educated more on Turner Syndrome.


  1. I totally agree...doctors need to be more aware! I'm 15 w/ TS...diagnosed at 3 years.

  2. Not just doctors, everyone! I learned something new today!